Monday, December 28, 2015

Sonoma Cheese Factory - Sonoma

4/5 stars

If you're lucky enough to have a hotel to stay at after a day of wine-tasting, don't go out to a restaurant for dinner. Instead, come here and buy some cheese, some hard, Italian salami, and bags of chips. Then, walk across the street to buy some bread and dessert at Basque Boulangerie Cafe. Then, go back to your hotel room, open up one of the kazillion bottles of wine that you bought, and have a feast fit for a king.

My favorite part about the Sonoma Cheese Factory was that you could taste as much cheese as you'd like. We settled on the Mediterranean - a soft, aromatic cheese with sundried tomatoes. The Garlic Jack was awesome, too.

The sandwiches are huge - though the bread could use a little more work - mine was on the dry side.

In general, the Sonoma Cheese Factory is on the price-y side, but you're in wine-country, so it's expected.


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