Monday, December 28, 2015

Sushi O Sushi - Santa Clara

3/5 stars


If you haven't been in awhile ... you may/may not want to come back.

pluses: new menu items, haven't been in months but everything was still as tasty as remembered, tried the baked scallops roll for the 1st time and the scallops were sweet and fresh!

minuses: the sushi rolls are SMALLER but the price has either stayed the same or increased!


OHH DA BENTO BOX: Sushi O Sushi was my favorite Japanese restaurant before they took away my bento box. Grrr... Now the dinners are served on boring plates and not in cute, little compartments. Le sigh.

Moving on, this place is still pretty spectacular. Huge selection of sushi (I especially love the color and variety of their Maki rolls), solid tempura, teriyaki, miso, gyoza, and I really like the dressing on their salads. I'm a big fan of those little side salads with the Japanese dressing. Quality/freshness is dependable, presentation is pretty, and eating dinner here won't hurt your wallet too badly ($30 to $40 range for two).

ATMOSPHERE: Clean, chic, and always, always busy. I've never been here without having to wait for 20 minutes. Service has been for me either polite and attentive to awesome. One time, this waitress was so busy, I think she forgot about us or our drinks or something. She felt so bad, that we got all sorts of presents like free edamame and green tea ice cream. That always makes it better.


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