Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Taqueria La Bamba - Mountain View (closed)

3/5 stars

After 5 years of hardcore burrito devouring, I finally tried La Bamba and it was good, but ... what's the big deal?

I thought I heard something about the tortillas being "pancake-like," but maybe that was a thing of the past. The carne asada was tasty, but didn't blow me away. Beau's chicken was boring and on the dry side. Salsas weren't unique. Beans and rice didn't shout: Remember Me.

Yeah, they're kinda big, but I devoured mine in less than 20 mins while walking from La Bamba to St. Stephen's on the Green so ... they weren't that big. Honestly, I prefer Los Charros down the street. BUT! My favoritest of all burrito shops is in the back of Chavez Supermarket in Sunnyvale. Can't beat being RIGHT NEXT to a butcher (now THAT'S some special carne asada). Their tortillas are also better, IMO. Oh, and their horchata.


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