Monday, December 28, 2015

Tower Cafe - Sacramento

5/5 stars

FOOD: Best. Tostada. Salad. Ever. I think the magic is in their beans and rice. I suggest ordering the salad with the salmon. I also think that Tower Cafe makes one of my favorite restaurant white wine sangria (sparkly, not too dry or syrupy sweet, made with raspberries and green apples).

This place defines eclectic for me. You can get big, fresh salads, enchiladas, lasagna, Thai curry, burgers, jambalaya, and beautiful-looking desserts. The desserts have been hit or miss for us - but mostly good (chocolate-raspberry cake, lavendar panna cotta, banana cream pie, just to name a few).

I really hope I get to try breakfast someday!

ATMOSPHERE: Just like the food, eclectic. Has a "global fare" character. Waiters are really friendly, patio is wonderful when it's warm out, but expect a really long wait!


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