Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Yard House - San Jose

3/5 stars

My fiance and I have the best luck here. 3x we've gotten a seat in 20 minutes or less. Sometimes, it takes us longer to find a parking spot at Santana Row!

The beers are why you should come. I really like the small appetizer plates (the truffle fries and deviled eggs, especially) - and the prices for them are reasonable - but the rest of the menu is fairly standard (up to expensive ... they have lobster on the menu ... I don't really understand). Overall, it's pretty much what you'd get at BJs or any other American brewery. But don't order their wings unless you like A LOT A LOT of salt. It's probably their way of getting you to drink more beer.

So back to the beers. There are over a 100 and they're gorgeous. So many different types for you to try, you could really learn something. The bartenders are fairly knowledgeable about what they're pouring, but my fiance has them beat. He knows more than they do about the beers and always manages to stump them. He should get a free beer every time that happens :-)


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