Monday, December 28, 2015

Yumi Yogurt - Santa Clara

5/5 stars


Five words: Graham cracker cheesecake yogurt. Drool.


ATMOSPHERE: There was a line! A dozen people who also thought that light, cool, and healthier-than-ice cream yogurt was a good idea on a hot Sunday night. Place was cramped, worn, and not as shiny as the newer I Heart Yogurt, but wait till you taste the yogurt! Yumi Yogurt is also open till 10PM on Sundays (woo!), only accepts cash (boo!), and 3 and a quarter is a lot to pay for yogurt, but you sure do get a lot of it.

THE YOGURT: How can this be fat-free? It was (literally) melt-in-your-mouth delicious and though having a different texture than ice cream (a little bit more icy) , it was smooth, creamy, and the flavors were awesome. I had the marshmallow caramel and I felt like I was eating the inside of a fluffy marshmallow and there was enough caramel flavor to satisfy me - a caramel love-ah. My second flavor was peanut butter fudge and it was just as good.

I think I'm addicted. I come here so often now, at least once a week. The cookies and cream is a favorite. And hurray for it being the day before October. Know what that means? Pumpkin yogurt!!


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