Sunday, January 11, 2015

Amato's - San Jose

5/5 stars 

WHY I'M WRITING THIS: I'm new to Yelp and wanted my first review to be a great place that's a real treat that many people may not know about. So I decided on Amato's - this place is one of my all-time favorite dives in the Bay Area! 

THE FOOD: Located on the corner of what could be considered a half of a strip of a gray strip mall, Amato's sandwiches are a work of art. Cheap art. One 6" (about $7) can feed two full-grown people. I always order the cheese steak hoagie which comes with melted white american cheese, sauteed onions, lettuce, tomatoes, and sprinkled with italian spices. Peppers on the side. The peppers are sweet and mild and really compliment the hearty, cheesy sandwich. I also really like their onion rings, but if you really want an artery-clogging meal, order the gooey good cheesy fries. I'd stay away from the chicken sandwiches though - come here for the cheesesteaks! You can eat there (not a good place for big parties though, I'd say max. 4) or get it to-go. 

Note, this place is a DIVE. I think it's got character though. Just come for the food. It's a real gem.

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