Sunday, January 11, 2015

Blue Frog Grog & Grill Restaurant & Brewery - Fairfield

1/5 stars

ATMOSPHERE: Only thing I liked about the atmosphere was the giant frog prince in the lobby. I didn't like the layout of the restaurant (too spaced out) and it was too dark. Service was very slow (my friend had to actually go get the waiter to bring our check).

FOOD: My salmon burger was NOT FRESH!! It was smelly and tasted smelly and left a smelly aftertaste in my mouth. The sourdough bread (served with soup and my burger's bun) was pretty good, though. And I liked the pasta salad that came with my meal (though it was a tad too creamy which means too much mayonaise). Their garlic mashed potatoes were great mashed potatoes and my friend really liked his rotisserie chicken. I had a bite of the open faced crab sandwich and it was a lot better than my smelly burger, but my bf probably wouldn't order the sandwich again.

IN A MOUTHFUL: You can't really expect much from a brewery, but BJ's is better (really good pizookie, cider, and baked potatoes) and I'm not even a really big fan of BJ's. Just come here for the beer, I didn't have any, but apparently, it's way better than the food.


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