Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bobbi’s Coffee Shop - Cupertino

4/5 stars

I was never, still am not, a morning person. High school starting at 7AM was ridiculous to me. BUT, without fail, I'd always be willing to get up earlier if it meant a stop at Bobbi's for breakfast before first period.

FOOD: My first biscuit and gravy experience was here. Fresh, buttermilk biscuits and the yummiest darn sausage gravy I've ever had in my life. I used to worship this gravy, but unfortunately, last Saturday, it didn't taste the same. I'm *hoping* that it was just a bad gravy day... if not, it's a huge shame - reason why Bobbi's a 4 instead of a perfect 5 in my book. I hate it when corners are cut and something that used to be homemade may now possibly come in powdered form.

Thankfully, the chicken fried steak is still ol' reliable. So bad for you. Fatty, juicy, slightly chewy steak, dipped in batter, and then fried and served on a bed of gravy with more gravy on the side for dipping. Hasbrowns are golden, eggs served up the way you want them, and their chili is homemade. Just satisfying diner-grub.

ATMOSPHERE: It's a mom n' pop place through and through. Same friendly, warm, efficient people that have been manning the counter since my high school days. It's so special that you can find a slow-paced, greasy spoon like this in the middle of technological-mongrel Silicon Valley. Just slide onto the old booths, read the Sunday comics, and order up a piece of American.


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