Thursday, January 22, 2015

Britannia Arms - San Jose

2.5/5 stars

Happy New Year!

So New Year's Eve, I decided against the drive to SF. Didn't feel like sitting in traffic or getting lost... hah! Yup, I have a really bad sense of direction.

Went here with a small group of friends and it was pretty darn perfect. I like it when I can actually hear and talk to my friends at a bar with live music. It was pretty laidback and bonus, fairly clean bathrooms. The bartenders were super duper nice. And came with accents - cute!

Started the night with a pint of Wyder's Pear Cider for six bucks. They had this New Year's special which was a pretty good deal if you ask me. $29.99 for a prime rib or salmon dinner, plus dessert, champagne, party favors (tiaras, plastic top hats, balloons, and noise makers), AND the best part of all, a table all night long. Didn't have to elbow myself to the bar for drinks the entire night! The owner even came by twice to fill our glasses with champagne - charming fellow! Our waitress was fantastic too! She never disappeared on us - it was easy to get drinks from her all night long. Drinks came pretty quick too, even though by 11PM, the place was packed! Great crowd, a mix of old and young. And the band was good - unpretentious, solid vocals, fun!

FOOD: was meh, but come on, who comes to a pub for good food? I'd stay away from the Salmon Wellington. The prime rib was almost okay - a really thick cut, with huge chunks of fat, and completely well done (when it was supposed to be medium). The french fries and dessert were pretty great, though. The fries were steak fries and we got the fried Mars Bar, fried cheesecake, and Sticky Toffee Puddin' for dessert. Loved the Sticky Toffee Puddin'! The Mars Bar was worth the try, but uber sweet. It's definitely one to share with the group. The fried cheesecake with strawberry sauce was melt in your mouth tasty, but like the Mars Bar, you can only have so much.

Ohh, car bombs here are delicious! Fresh Guinness, creamy Bailey's... almost tastes like chocolate milk!


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