Thursday, January 22, 2015

Burrito Factory - San Jose

2/5 stars

FOOD: Went here with a couple of girlfriends. They're from San Diego and love their Mexican food. Too bad the amount of 24-hour taquerias is seriously lacking in this area. I wasn't sure if I was hungry enough to try this place, but after seeing what my friend ordered, I decided that I too wanted a Super Soft Taco. I picked the grilled chicken and was very happy with it. The chicken was well-spiced, moist, and juicy. This 3 dollar and something taco was also really big! It came with enough chicken for 3 tacos, 2 corn tortillas, and a pile of shredded lettuce/red cabbage, sour cream, real guac, a lime, and a slice of tomato. Salsa was spicy, chips weren't stale. I didn't have a burrito at the factory, but I'd be okay with coming back.

ATMOSPHERE: Eh, it looks like a fast food joint. Nothing special, was fairly clean. Gots some bright, colorful paintings to spruce up the walls and friendly service. I'd rather just grab n' go if I came back.


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