Sunday, January 11, 2015

Captain's Inn - Moss Landing

4/5 stars

THE BED: charming, historic, CLEAN, the nautical decor includes beds made out of old boats, treasure chests acting as night stands (how clever!), quilts with coastal designs, and oars holding up curtains. big open windows with waterfront views where you can watch birds, harbor seals, and sea lions play (binoculars + bird book available in the room for use). the room also includes a fireplace, cookies, and a romance shower with TWO shower heads for showering bliss (note to self: must not get used to such water-heater-heavenliness).

 THE BREAKFAST: melanie (the owner) makes lovely breakfasts. fresh-baked scones and maple pastries, scrambles with avocado and sour cream, perfectly-tanned chicken apple sausages, ham, pancakes with bananas and whip cream, fresh strawberries and mangoes, hot chocolate, coffee, and orange juice.

THE TOWN: the beach and phenomenal dining is only a stone's throw away. we were very lucky and the February weather was sunny and perfect Saturday, so we spent the whole day at the beach birdwatching - we were able to identify 15 different kinds! (shrugs) yes, ima bird dork... The beach is clean, quiet, and not overrun by tourists. It'd be a surfer's quiet paradise IMO. And the seafood - couldn't be more reasonable, more fresh, or more delicious. Phil's Fish Market, Charlie Moss', the Whole Enchilada... it's a real treat to find such amazing restaurants in such a tiny place.


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