Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cicero's Pizza - Cupertino

5/5 stars

THE FOOD: There's something special about this pizza. It's just so good and delicious and I don't know why! Maybe it's the finely, ground sausage? The secret, buttery, thin crust? The black olives? The salami? The perfectly proportioned cheese? The zesty, secret, pizza sauce? The garlic I sprinkle on top? It's just the best tasting pizza ever! You have to order a large for two people. A medium isn't enough.

ATMOSPHERE: I've always ordered to-go since I live about 3 minutes away, but this time we decided to eat there to get the pizza piping hot. It was 7:30PM on a Friday night, the line was pretty long, and there were no open tables. But turnaround was quick so we were able to nab a booth. Bus boy quickly came by and wiped it down for us. There was a really old Indian woman sitting nearby eating a large pizza covered in jalapenos and drinking a pint of beer. Awesome. This is a great place for soccer kids, families, friends, and old ladies who like to eat pizza and drink beer.


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