Thursday, January 22, 2015

Country Inn Cafe - Santa Clara (closed)

4/5 stars

I'm really going to miss this place. It had a lot going for it: it was within walking distance of Bray Avenue, it served breakfast all day, and had huge, fluffy omlettes.

ATMOSPHERE: Old-fashioned look, clean, and simple, with very friendly service.

FOOD: omg, no wonder Americans are overweight. Huge plates and all breakfasts come with a stack of buttermilk or swedish pancakes. I heart the soft, delicate swedish pancakes topped with powdered sugar and sweet, pink lingonberry butter - delicious. I had the linguica omlette and the sausage was really good! They also have good hashbrowns and tuna melts, thiiick milkshakes, crispy, seasoned french fries, and are generous when it comes to avocados. Gravy tastes homemade and chicken fried steaks are uber tasty. Reliable meals!


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