Thursday, January 22, 2015

Curry House - Cupertino

3/5 stars

Hot off the press!

We JUST returned from the Curry House! And it was everything Yelpers and Curry House fanatics (my Sensei, especially) said it would be. Ah, I heart trying new restaurants that don't disappoint! 

FOOD: I ordered the pork katsu curry (mild) with white rice and picked the House Salad to start. The salad was small, but nice. I liked the addition of the corn and green beans, but didn't understand why there was so much parsley on top of it? The dressing was probably ginger based, it was refreshing and mild. Tried some of my friend's corn potage. Tasted like creamed corn soup. I really like that stuff. I wonder if it's fresh or from the can?

The pork katsu curry was VERY satisfying - cozy on a plate. The katsu was the bestest I've ever had. Panko-fried, not oily or dry - what an accomplishment! Pork was lean and juicy - a tasty treat! Curry was simple and flavorful - was more like brown gravy to me than the Thai or Vietnamese curry I'm used to (Thai and Vietnamese curries are often made with potatoes and onions or even eggplant, you know... vegetables...). Overall, the dish was what it was supposed to be and it was great. Somebody in my party ordered the curry in the stone pot and it was HUGE. My advice would be to only order that if you've got a big appetite!

ATMOSPHERE: Opened till 9:30PM on Saturdays and it emptied pretty quickly. Only had to wait 15 minutes or so when we got there round 8:30PM. Staff was polite, place was VERY clean, water glasses were constantly filled - the Curry House is still a brand new establishment with beer and wine on the menu, but since they haven't obtained their license yet, it was in "coming soon" mode. The quality felt above par, but still... I think the prices are a bit steep. My meal was $10. Filled me up quite nicely, though.

IN A MOUTHFUL: I can't think of any other place in the Bay Area like the Curry House. I'm glad they joined the neighborhood!


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