Thursday, January 15, 2015

El Amigo Burrito - Santa Clara

1/5 stars

FOOD: The chips were A) outta the bag and B) stale!! The "guacamole" was most definitely from Costco, you know... the guac you buy in bulk for Superbowl Sunday and squeeze outta little plastic bags into a bowl. YOU'RE A MEXICAN RESTAURANT!! If you can't get the chips and guac right, what can you do? It's like going to an Asian restaurant and having them screw up "steamed rice." Geez.

ATMOSPHERE: El Amigo was "I'm trying to be a fancy Mexican restaurant so I can jack up the prices" and well... just about everything at this place was below-average. From the waitresses who were dressed way too nice and frowned way too much to the run-down booths... it just wasn't an inviting atmosphere. My carnitas burrito (with actual avocado instead of that "I'm a Mexican restaurant that's too lazy to make my own guac") was pleasantly juicy and tasty - the only thing that saved El Amigo from being marked 1 star in my book.


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