Sunday, January 11, 2015

Gelato Classico Italian Ice Cream - Mountain View

4/5 stars

OH, THE SIN: I almost made it 40 days and 40 nights without dessert, but then my bf's family visited and there we were in downtown Mt. View after devouring heaps of delicious BBQ-ed meat at Frank's and needed a little sumthin'sumthin' for the palette...

REMINDS ME OF ITALY: where I had gelato day and night. I can still picture the colorful mountains of heavenly Italian ice cream - all perfect and waiting for me through sparkling, frosted, glass windows. Though I have yet to find gelato that could pass as real gelato in Italy, Gelato Classico's comes close. Or at least, will do for now.

THE FLAVORS: Today I tasted the Banana Foster (good, but it needed more caramel so that all you taste isn't just banana), Caramel Chocolate Crunch (love the intense chocolate-y flavor and little crunchy caramel candies), Vanilla Bean (real vanilla bean and very close to real gelato), Raspberry (tart and sweet, just like a raspberry), and Coconut (tasted fresh - like you were eating a creamy coconut).

SAD NEWS BEARS: No more Dulce de Leche?!?! That was by far my favorite flavor! Please bring it back!

ATMOSPHERE: Owner reminds me of the Soup Nazi man from Seinfeld, but he's nice and gives you samples (sometimes patiently, sometimes not so much). The space is small and can feel especially cramped when crowded. Prices are comparable to Baskin Robbins, but the gelato is of a higher grade.


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