Thursday, January 15, 2015

I Love Yogurt - Cupertino (closed)

3/5 stars

GUILTLESS TREAT: You've had an enormous dinner, you're feeling a little overindulgent, but eating something heavy and rich like cake or Coldstone would be a not so good idea. Yogurt is a satisfying, healthy(ier) alternative!

Don't know how often the flavors change, but they offer 6 choices. The two that I tried were fantastic - cookies and cream and angel food cake. Yum-o. Yogurt was like whipped air, but still had a buttery, tastes like it was made with cookies and cream or angel food cake foundation. After watching the girl before me order a medium and watching the guy behind the counter swirl her a sort-of Mt. Everest, I decided on the small. For $3, it was still the size of a German Shephard. Next time, it's child size all the way. For 90 cents extra, you can top your not-too-fatty yogurt with more fatty things like Heath crumbs or white chocolate chips.

ATMOSPHERE: Clean, small, and new, it was quite the busy and looked like a high school watering hole. Service was fast and polite. You can get your yogurt to-go!


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