Thursday, January 22, 2015

Judy’s Homestyle Cafe - San Francisco

1/5 stars

FOOD: Meh, boring, expensive, and sparce (as in portion size is pathetic... they don't even fold your omelette in half so that it appears bigger on your plate). Potatoes were way too herb-y (too much seasoning) and well... to be honest, I felt like I could've made the food at home. Yes, the ingredients were fresh, the warm blueberry muffin was a plus, and the mimosa was made with fresh OJ and they weren't skimpy on the champagne, so that was nice. It was a fun celebratory post-LASIK op drink (my eyesight is now better than 20/20)!

ATMOSPHERE: We didn't go inside, since the weather was so darn nice. High 60s and it's only March - gosh the Bay Area is awesome. They had some tables outside. Service was pretty non-exsistent, but polite. Note to staff: your coffee was the HOTTEST liquid my bf has EVER been served in his entire life. He barely sipped it (a teaspoon size sip) and it scalded his tongue. Maybe you shouldn't make it so hot. It was still bubbling in the cup.


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