Thursday, January 15, 2015

Los Altos Grill - Los Altos

3.5/5 stars

ATMOSPHERE: Rich. But not in a huge, bug-eyed sunglasses, Fendi bag sort of way. It was more old money - business casual, dinner with family, half a dozen wine glasses littering the table. A gentleman passed time with a piano as people gathered and chattered over Sunday dinner. It was dark and made of wood, and their rotisserie chicken scented the air - nothing wrong with that. Service was polite, but somewhat unavailable. We had to use other waiters to go find our waiter. We got seated in this intimate booth by the kitchen and I loved watching the busy, efficient chefs make plate after plate - including our plates.

FOOD: Solid. The place was packed (35 minute wait) and my guess is - if the food wasn't good, the old money could have been spent elsewhere so, the food just had to be good. We ordered the deviled eggs as an appetizer and I liked them! I don't remember liking deviled eggs, but I did enjoy these (probably made with mustard, relish, and fresh-ground pepper). I ordered the Grill's caesar salad + rotisserie chicken. The bf ordered the "hacked" chicken salad made with arugula.

My caesar salad was really wonderful (anything with fresh shucked corn is great, IMO). The croutons were made out of their "famous" cornbread and were really something unique. The dressing was classic and authentic and I needed lemon to mute the anchovy taste. And the rotisserie chicken was really quite moist and perfect. The "hacked" salad had an asian twist... with dates. And the key lime pie we had for dessert was refreshing. The whip cream was real and the graham cracker crust was crumbly and well made.

IN A MOUTHFUL: Everything about the Los Altos Grill is polite - the food, the blue blood, the atmsophere, even the rotisserie chicken. I'm only giving this place a 3.5 because even though it's a great place for a date or with a group (no corkage fee!), nothing really stood out as spectacular.


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