Thursday, January 15, 2015

Los Charros Restaurant - Mountain View

3/5 stars

IF YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT: Go to Dublin. Seriously. Ketchup like substance disguised as red chile sauce and even though I swear I saw an avocado in a supermarket there, the green, wet ooze on their so-called "Mexican" food was not guacamole.

Dublin will always hold a special place in my heart, but I think I crave Mexican food too much to ever call that place a semi-permanent residence. Maybe I'll move to London instead. The Euro NY seems to know a thing or two about food.

So I'm off the plane, in full zombie mode, hungry at odd hours, and wanted my first restaurant back to be Los Charros. Been wanting to try it for ages. Unfortunately, the restaurant isn't as fantastic as the Taqueria, but it was still above average.

ATMOSPHERE: Ginormous and really spacious! Bright, clean, colorful (customized Los Charros table-tops and chairs) and rumor has it they have a mariachi band on Fridays. Service is a lot slower than the Taqueria. Our chips and salsa weren't replenished once! But they have a full bar and that's kinda cool.

FOOD: I was craving fish tacos (thanks to Emeril) and Los Charros' really hit the spot. Fish was grilled, chopped, piled on (enough for like, 3 soft tacos), and fresh tasting. Sauce on the fish tacos was spicy though, so beware! I also ordered the cheese n' onions enchiladas in green sauce. The green sauce was really, really lime-y and I loved it! And I can't believe I'm "complaining" about this, but the enchiladas had TOO much cheese and they forgot the onions. The bf ordered the shrimp and garlic and it was half the size of what he'd get at the Taqueria and more expensive. Guacamole was, thank the Mexican food Gods, exactly what guacamole dreams are made of. Chunky and fresh!

IN A MOUTHFUL: I'm sticking with my beloved Taqueria. I may come back for the mariachi band and the bar, but that's about it.


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