Sunday, January 11, 2015

Maria’s Mexican Restaurant - Grass Valley

3/5 stars

ATMOSPHERE: Busy! Seemed like everybody left church on Palm Sunday and decided to come here. We got seated fairly quickly though, outside on their cute (but small) patio. Perfect place for nice weather! And the dining experience was enhanced by the fountain on the wall (which made a peaceful trickling sound). Decor is colorful and staff was very friendly (though, slow, but probably because they were busy...)

FOOD: YUM! I didn't expect it to be that well done. I expected Chevy's or less. We ordered nachos and it came out on a HUGE plate. Enough to feed 5! I had the veggie burrito and it was almost a foot long! I was only going to eat half, but it was so tasty (filled with delicious refried beans, real guacamole, salsa, and sour cream), I devoured the whole thing happily. I don't like Mexican rice, but their's wasn't dry, but nice and fluffy. All plates came out piping hot and their salads look fantastic too - big and colorful with really well grilled meat.

IN A MOUTHFUL: They call this place the best Mexican restaurant in Grass Valley and it just might be. Giving this place only 3 stars because it was okay Mexican food, but nothing special. Also, I didn't see any Mexican people eating there and they always know where the best Mexican's at! So, where were they?


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