Thursday, January 15, 2015

Monster Desserts - San Bruno (closed)

1/5 stars

ATMOSPHERE: Who knew Tanforan mall had such a shiny, varied food court? Service was super friendly here.

SHAVED ICE: I was so confuzzled. What? What was this? Ice cream? Shaved ice? A snow cone? Wait... it's a snowball topped with condensed milk, brownies, and white chocolate chips? Wha?! The portions are GINORMOUS and it's pretty expensive. I mean... $4.25 for um... ice? But the toppings are fresh and there's a lot to choose from: avocado, jackfruit, strawberries, mango, kiwi, chocolate, coconut jelly, bananas galore! My Monster ice was topped with condensed milk (which turned the ice into a sort of watered down ice cream), almond or coconut syrup (?), jackfruit (from the can, unfortunately not fresh), chocolate sauce, and white chocolate chips (the best part).

IN A MOUTHFUL: Definitely different. Not your average, artifical snow cone.

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