Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Krung Thai Restaurant - San Jose

4/5 stars

OH, TOO MUCH THAI FOOD IN THE TUMMY: There were 8 of us and we each got to pick a dish + 2 satay appetizers. The result was 8 bursting bellies and my guy friends having to "rally" to finish the food.

FOOD: I really enjoyed the pork satay - juicy, white meat, on a stick and the satay came with a cute little dish of pickled carrots, cucumbers, red onions, and jalapenos. But can someone explain to me why white toast is served with satay?

Krung Thai serves up my absolute favorite pad thai dish - jun pad poo which is made with fresh (none of that artifical junk) crab. It's kinda sweet and very yum! Their mussaman curry w beef is also very good - sort of has a mild, peanut butter taste. I wouldn't recommend ordering the fried rice or the drunken noodles - both were pretty boring. Also, their Thai-hot isn't actually very hot at all. If you've ever been to Dusita's on El Camino, their Thai-hot will make you cry. Krung Thai's hot is more of a medium, their medium is tolerable, and their mild is very much so.

ATMOSPHERE: I highly, highly recommend making a reservation, especially if you're going Fri or Sat night. There wasn't a table unoccupied and there were at least 20 people waiting in the lobby consistently all night. Parking is a pain, interior is nothing special, but clean, and waiters are decent in a rushed sort-of-way. But our water glasses were always re-filled and we never had to ask. IN A

MOUTHFUL: My favorite, reliable Thai food in the South Bay - but that's just because I know what to order. The jun pad poo is a real treat and the pad see ew is tasty (though more Chinese to me than Thai). Also, the mussaman, green, and red curries (MY FAVORITE CURRY: roasted duck red curry) are winners, as well as the fried bananas and sticky rice w mango. Yum!


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