Thursday, January 15, 2015

New Yong Kang - Fremont

5/5 stars

3 DISHES FOR $16.50: Can't beat that! Especially great place for groups. Everyone walks out bursting full and only 10 bucks (or under) a head. A STEAL!

FOOD: Thanks to the diversity that is the Bay Area, there are probably a kabillion Chinese restaurants here, but New Yong Kang is my family's and friends' favorite. Why? Because it's reliable - delicious and cheap!

New Yong Kang is well-made, fast-made, greasy-made, Chinese food. They make the BEST CHOW MEIN IMHO. It's all about the noodles and the sauce. Yum-oh. The eggplant is very, very good too (though oily ,so beware!). It's tasty over white rice. I also like the fried calamari - it's so simple - light batter, quick fry, probably just seasoned with salt - that's it! I really don't think you can go wrong ordering any dish here (yesterday I had the chicken, taro, and potato clay pot for the first time and it was delicious).

ATMOSPHERE: Expect to wait - 20+ minutes or longer! They're ALWAYS busy (and almost all the customers are Chinese, a good sign), but it's worth it. I promise. Service is decent - they're fast, efficient, and even though the restaurant may not be the cleanest, it's not bad.

IN A MOUTHFUL: If this place was closer, I'd be a regular. I miss this place when it's Friday night and I want a fantastic Chinese restaurant to order take-out from...


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