Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pizz'a Chicago - Palo Alto

4/5 stars

WHY I'M WRITING THIS REVIEW: I skimmed through the reviews and most people are raving about the crust. So if you're a person where the crust is your LEAST favorite part of the pizza (like myself), I just wanna say, "Try Pizz'a Chicago, you might like it afterall!"

SOME BACKGROUND INFO: I don't like crust. Which is why my favorite type of pizza is New York - huge, thin, foldable slices. The complete opposite of New York-style pizza is Chicago and you would think that I would shy away from such a concoction - it's like, 75% thicker, which inevitably means - more crust. BUT Pizz'a Chicago is tasty. I've been eating Pizz'a Chicago pizza for more than 10 years when my dad used to work near the Santa Clara establishment...

THE FOOD: I think it's the flavors that they throw together that make me overlook the thick crust.

ORDER THIS: The Rush Street (pepperoni, bacon, sausage, linguica, and meatballs) is one of my favorites and is a meat lover's dream (I think it's the meatballs that really seal the deal). The Untouchable is definitely deserving of it's put-me-on-a-pizza-pedestal name (BBQ sauce, chicken, smoked gouda, red onions, and cilantro) and I just tried the Al Bundy last Saturday (feta cheese, sundried tomatoes, basil, and roasted garlic) and the feta cheese isn't overpowering, but all the flavors kind of do this yummy chemical reaction dance in your mouth. The calzones are HUGE and the hotdogs are Chicago style too - with radioactive neon-green relish. And (foolishly), one of my favorite things about this restaurant is that they serve their sodas in mason jars. So all you fellow crust-haters out there, you may still wanna give this place a try.

THE BAD: because Pizz'a Chicago pizzas are hearty and THICK, they take about half an hour to bake, so expect to wait. Have a salad with their soy dressing - light and yummy.


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