Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sourdough Eatery - San Jose

5/5 stars

ohmygawd, I LOVE this place. Not only is this place, hands down, my most favorite sandwich shop ever, but it's also one of my favorite dad+me+lunch memory. Thanks dad, for taking me here when I was little (and for always asking me the same question and putting a big smile on my face: What night do you think the Indian stands guard here?)

FOOD: I'm really sad because I'm pretty sure that the sourdough bread recipe will die with its owners. It's the most incredible buttery and slightly sour, crisp yet still soft like a pillow bread. The meats and cheese are really high quality - my favorite is the German salami - wow, it's really, really, really good salami. All sandwiches are the same price ($7, cash only) and come with mayo, lettuce, swiss cheese (this is how good swiss cheese is probably supposed to taste like), and a pickle spear on the side. There are NO substitutions, no avocado, no customizations... and there are the signs to tell you what you can not have or do. Totally reminds me of the Soup Nazi from "Seinfeld" but man, for a sandwich as heavenly as this, I'm happy to oblige.

ATMOSPHERE: Part art gallery, part secret garden. The Eatery is run by a beautiful older woman (you have no doubt that she must've been a starlet in her day) and her husband. The woman is a painter and the whole interior of the restaurant is covered with her bright and colorful (and kinda cheesy) paintings of presidents and Hollywood stars. Outside, there are so many charming places to sit - it's my idea of the perfect patio filled with flowers, vines, the trickling of water from fountains, mismatched tables, chairs, and other knickknacks.

My only complaint about this place - it's closed more than its open! The Eatery's hours are 11AM to 2PM, Mon thru Fri ONLY!!


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