Sunday, January 11, 2015

South Legend Sichuan Restaurant - Milpitas

2/5 stars

PREFACE: Giving this place a two, but openly admitting that "maybe it deserves a three, if my friends were rating this place, they'd probably give it a four". My appropriate South Legend Sichuan experience was probably lessened due to the fact that A) it's Lent, it was Friday, hence, I couldn't eat any of the dishes with the tasty meat in it and B) I don't like/cannot eat spicy food.

BUT I went with three gentlemen who devour spicy food like no tomorrow, and they all love(d) this place so...

PROS: Dishes had a lot of flavor to them and there was an abundance of food. I really enjoyed their sauces and the fact that cold, sweet oranges are provided as an after-dinner refreshment. Prices were reasonable too (we ordered an appetizer, and 4 entrees incl. a seafood dish and the total was around $75). Food left a nice, glassy sheen to my plate, but it wasn't greasier than usual Chinese food. 

CONS: The wait was entirely too long. Probably 45 minutes or so? Two families and a couple who came behind us were seated before us. Darn it. We were wondering how come they didn't give us the table in the back. Sure, it's meant to be a table for 10 or 12, but we were 5, it was 8 o'clock at night, and I don't think a group that big was going to randomly come in... I ordered the scallops dish and even though it was quite tasty, the scallops were small and didn't taste like they came from the ocean. Probably frozen. Maybe I'm being too harsh. I AM afterall comparing this restaurant to my favorite Yong Kang in Fremont. It's hard when you're being compared to the best...


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