Sunday, January 11, 2015

Stacks - Campbell

4/5 stars

WHY I'M WRITING THIS: We used to come here almost every Sunday for brunch in the summer. The wait's always long - 30 mins or so - but when the weather's sunny, it's nice being outside and hanging out with friends. Plus, they provide free coffee/tea. It's been awhile since a visit to Stacks, so we decided to go Superbowl Sunday - no wait! I almost always get breakfast, but I wanted bacon + mayonaise + bread = a club sandwich. It was good so here I am, writing a review of a much-liked breakfast (and lunch) place.

THE FOOD: My club sandwich was what a club sandwhich should be. It was made with toasted (not dry) wheat and white bread, bacon, avocado, maple-delicious-turkey, lettuce, tomato, jack cheese, and (thankfully, not too much) mayo. I also put yellow mustard on it and it was perfect. And humongous. It also came with fruit (pineapple, grapes, etc.), a small (bland) salad, and their terrific potatoes! I really love their perfectly seasoned breakfast potatoes. I like mine smothered with ketchup. They also have Pepper Plant if you like that sort of thing. My only complaint about my sammich - no dill pickle on the side! A sammich with no pickle - boo! In some locations, you can also get a freakin'-orgasmic crab panini. I'm talking REAL crab, not that awful imitation stuff. I've also tried one of their salads and it's really big. So Stacks does lunch good IMO, but they do breakfast better. They're known for their dinner-plate sized pancakes - try the blueberry with the hot blueberry sauce. Yum! Omlettes are filling and tasty and I really like their potatoes topped with (if there is such a thing as) too much cheese, chicken apple sausage, mushrooms, and your-style eggs. All breakfasts come with a bagel, but I like their sourdough with raspberry jam that my grandma would approve of.
IN ONE MOUTHFUL: Stacks is non-expensive, non-greasy, big portioned, all-American breakfast.


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