Sunday, January 11, 2015

Taqueria Los Charros - Mountain View

5/5 stars

THE ATMOSPHERE: Small, unpretentious, busy, colorful, and it's a couple seconds walk from an aquarium that has the coolest looking turtle! Everytime I eat here (which is often since it's my favorite Mexican restaurant in the Bay Area), we ALWAYS have to stop by and visit Mr. South American Turtle. He likes me (and no, he's not trying to bite my fingers). Someday, when I have the money (say, two extra grand or so), I will buy him and set him free. For awhile he was living in a extremely sad-looking, absolutely pathetic kiddie pool. His "home" has now been upgraded to include an artifical waterfall-like structure. This makes me happy. Sorry. This was clearly a tangent. 

THE FOOD: The carnitas are the best here - flavorful, tender, and (very important) not dry! The burritos are very tasty - expertly assembled, wrapped tightly in foil, and CHEAP!! I usually order the combination plate with an enchilada and a taco. My pick for the enchilada was carnitas (of course), and this time, I wanted to try the pollo asado for the taco. It was very small chunks of very tasty BBQ chicken - me like, yes. My Mexican-eating partner in crime almost always orders the shrimp with jalapenos and he almost always orders it because it's delicious (if you like it when your tongue is on fire).

IN A MOUTHFUL: Orange juice is freshly-squeezed and your chips, pico de gallo, and red salsa are replenished quicky by the efficient and friendly staff. Order the carnitas and welcome to a Mexican restaurant you'll be visiting very often. Maybe we'll run into each other. You'll find me visiting the turtle.


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