Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thai Cafe - Milpitas

3/5 stars

Not up to my favorite Krung Thai standards, but still....

Thai Cafe had a CUTE, CLEAN n' COLORFUL ATMOSPHERE, nice, attentive service, and reasonable prices! We ordered one appetizer and 4 dishes and it was only $40! Awesome says I! Place was cozy-like small, but not claustrophobic and bonus - open till 11PM on Friday and Saturdays.

And the Thai DISHES were SAVORY and YUMMY. We ordered the roti appetizer and yes, the roti was more pancake-like than paper thin... still good though. The curry that came with the roti was coconut-milky deliciousness. Mildly spicy, totally drool-worthy. I love that stuff. Another winner of the night was the roasted duck red curry with its sweet, curry-soaked pineapples (yum-o) and its tomatoes, basil, and red n' green peppers. Duck wasn't game-y and we didn't just get fatty pieces. Good job!

Pad thai was sweet and noodles weren't overcooked - great job! Chicken in the pad thai was nothing to write home about. I didn't have any of the green curry fried rice that we ordered because the boys ordered it Thai hot. They said it was decent, but that the spicy-ness overpowered the dish. The eggplant and pork dish we ordered tasted more Chinese than Thai to me, but it was still good! Eggplant was cooked right and the pork was lean and plentiful. We got it at medium and being quite the mild girl - it was too spicy for me.

To help you gauge the spicy-level at this restaurant: the mild was perfect for me (wasn't boring and bland, but you could still tell that there was a touch of heat) and with the medium, I could feel that my tongue was on fire, but it didn't hurt... just uncomfortable in the mouth.

OVERALL: above solid food, cute lil place, open late, decent prices, well-cooked dishes AND an adorable looking elephant mascot...


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