Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Counter Santana Row - San Jose

3.5/5 stars

Once Upon a Time...

A girl came back from Japan and was tired of cold, non-cooked seafood and vegetarian fare and just really wanted a burger. Alas, her favorite Clarke's was too far away and they had "Enchanted" to catch at the AMC in Cupertino (it was a very cute and funny movie, if curiousity's got your cat). Browsing ye' ol' wise Yelp, she was ecstatic to find a new burger place that boasted 312,120+ different burger combinations, milkshakes, and a full bar. Golly!

The fairy godmother must've been on her side, because they were able to find parking at Santana Row on a FRIDAY night during the HOLIDAYS within 3 minutes. And even though there was a line out the door, she and her +1 were seated right away. The clipboard presented to them had an array of goodies and all burgers were weighted AFTER they were cooked. The 2/3lb was a wall of meat!

As the story goes, the friendly waitress accidentally dropped huge glasses filled with ice and plenty of water all over their table so they were promptly upgraded to a more spacious window seat and given their french fries and onion strings for free (as a sign of good will and also because said fries and onion strings were quite late in their arrival).

The pumpkin pie milkshake was divine, one of the best milkshakes ever had. The burger was solid as well - the beef was crumbly and of quality and cooked to her liking (medium well), though it must be noted that medium rare came out more rare than medium. The cheese was American, the onions grilled and piled high, the sauces delightful to choose from. The roasted garlic aioli and the red relish shall be ordered again which is something she wouldn't say in regards to the fried dill pickles. Meh. 

Prices were a bit steep, but alas, they were in the kingdom of Santana Row so it was expected.

It was a Happily Ever After.


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