Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tofanelli’s Restaurant - Grass Valley

1/5 stars

ATMOSPHERE: Quaint patio area and friendly service. My bf's sister wasn't very hungry so all she wanted was one soft-boiled egg, but they weren't sure if they could do it. They experimented and came up with two soft-boiled eggs (one softer than the other) and gave her both.

FOOD: Over 100 different omlettes! That's pretty great. Food came out plain though and not appealing. I ordered a bacon, sprouts, and avocado sandwich. Bacon was mostly dry and burnt, but they were generous with the avocado. French fries were shoestring, but were white (underfried). Sourdough was disappointing and thrown away.

IN A MOUTHFUL: This place used to be busy until it changed hands. It's disappointing when that happens...


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